About us

Catfish Cabin is locally owned & operated. 

We are a family restaurant with good, southern food sure to please anyone!

Catfish Cabin began in the early 70's as Catfish Kitchen, which was owned by Judge Barrett Holmes. In the mid 70's it was bought by the current owner, Tara Herrin's parents. Back in those days, it was a cafeteria style restaurant with only two kitchen workers, Velma and Ethel. Over the years, it changed several hands and has gone through several name changes - The Pagoda, and then Katfish Korral until January of 2005, when Tara Herrin took on full ownership of the business and renamed it Catfish Cabin. A name and a model that has remained to this day.

Catfish Cabin has always been a family-oriented business. In fact, several of the antique signs and decorations that hang on the walls came from Tara's grandfather, Preston Riley, who was the mayor of Boyle, MS from 1972-1990. Other decorations came from the legendary after-hours honky tonk, Sky King's Lounge, that was located next door and owned by Tara's father, Jimmy Utz.

Since 2005, Catfish Cabin has always boasted quality service in a family friendly environment. Everything in the restaurant is hand-made with the same care established back in the 70's. Above everything else and central to the Catfish Cabin theme YOU CAN'T BEAT MISSISSIPPI FARM RAISED CATFISH!